Second offence will invite a fine of Rs 1 lakh or a one year

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cheap hermes belt Mexico’s Human Rights hermes replica bags Commission said Thursday that of 42 suspects killed in a May 2015 raid, near the small town of Tanhuato, more than half were arbitrarily killed by police, with many shot in the back, NPR’s Carrie Kahn tells our Newscast unit.The commission also accuses police of rearranging bodies and weapons to hide the manner of the deaths. Police are said to have burned two bodies and tortured two suspects. The commission reports that it couldn’t reach any definitive conclusions about how 15 others were killed.»The investigation confirmed facts that show grave human rights violations attributable to public servants of the federal police,» Commission President Luis Raul Gonzalez Perez said at a news conference.The raid on the Rancho del Sol, roughly 210 miles northwest of Mexico City, was considered one of the deadliest in recent memory. cheap hermes belt

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